Sunday, 19 October 2014

Beautiful braids

I absolutely love my cousin's hair, it's just the right thickness and you can do so many different things to it and she still looks amazing.  The instructions on how to do each style are very basic and don't go into too much detail so if you would like a more detailed tutorial don't hesitate to comment or tweet me.

The first style I tried is a type of french braid. I'm not an amazing hairstylist so I made it up as I went along but it's more or less the same as a french braid only you start on one side of the head and start plaiting horizontally. I finished mine with a normal three strand plait but you can finish it however you choose.

The next style is a fishtail french plait. It's not too different from a fishtail but you start on the top of the head taking in bits of hair as you go. No matter how many times I try this style the top of the plait never stays tight-it's harder than it looks!- so if anyone has anyway in which to keep it tight please comment!

The final style is also very quick and easy to do. You just french plait one side (or both) of the head and then tie it into a ponytail, but it's a good idea to decide where you want your ponytail to be before you plait- I find that when I do this the style is so much easier to do!

I love all of these styles and I think they can really make the most of someone's facial features. My cousin loved them so I hope you guys do too!