Thursday, 6 November 2014

October favourites

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't been writing many posts but October has been a very busy month! For me it's been packed full of dance and show rehearsals and lots and lots of school work, but I hope you all enjoyed the much needed half term break!

I've planned quite a few blog posts however, I've been having trouble with my camera so have been unable to take photos! One of the posts I had planned was a big homeware haul from during half term, which of course I needed the camera for so was unable to do.

For this post I thought I'd quickly say a few of my October Favourites.


1) The White Company- Flowers body lotion, bath and shower gel and candle.

 I really love these products because they smell absolutely amazing! The shower&bath gel leaves not only your skin smelling fresh but also your whole bathroom and as for the body lotion, it doesn't just make you smell fantastic but keeps your skin so soft I literally cannot get enough of it! Also, I'm a HUGE candle fan and this particular candle, while smelling good, isn't overpowering. The only draw back with these products is the price, with the regular sized candle priced at £20. However, the shower gel and body lotion are a slightly more affordable price with the lotion at £14 and the shower gel at £12. I would say it was worth the price however because they are such good quality products and will definitely be on my christmas list!

2) Vaseline- Cocoa butter

I really love this lip balm because my lips get so chapped and dry, especially in the winter! It's a lovely smell and makes your lips so soft without making them a funny colour- as many seem to do. It's also a very handy size and you can slip it into a pocket or handbag very easily! You can get them from many places however I got mine from Boots for £2.18. Also, I really love the new tin it comes in as I think it's prettier and a nicer size.

3) Music- Lower Than Atlantis

Recently, my friend recommended a band to me as we both have similar music tastes and I absolutely love them! They are an English punk rock band and my favourite songs on their newest album are 'Emily' and 'Words don't come so easily'. All their songs are very catchy and they even do acoustic versions of their songs, which I personally love! Their album has been getting me through long bus journeys and boring car rides, I would recommend it to people of all ages!

4) Book- The Shining, Stephen King

This book is incredible and I have been unable to put it down! It's not the sort of book I would usually go for but I decided to broaden what I read and I have been pleasantly surprised! Stephen King is such an amazing writer and easily uses words to paint pictures of what he wants his readers to imagine, however for a terrifying read I haven't been finding it particularly scary but that may just be me as I'm not easily scared by most horrors.

5) Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion in cream

I recently bought this cushion for my room and I have been very pleased with it! It is a decent size and a very nice colour! It matches my room brilliantly and is very good quality. It also doesn't leave lots of bits of 'fluff' everywhere as many cushions do. The best part of this purchase by far was the cost, priced at £8 from Matalan. I love Matalan because it sells the nicest things at a price which doesn't break the bank!

I will really try to sort out my camera for some more pictures! Let me know it you have any post requests by leaving me a comment or tweeting me!

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