Saturday, 20 December 2014

Days spent with my bestfriend

Afternoon everyone!
I hope everyone's enjoying their christmas holidays so far!
Thought I'd share what I've been up to lately with you!
I broke up from school on Wednesday which was brilliant as the school term has left me so tired- seriously, I've been falling asleep everywhere which is never good. So my friend and I decided to spend a few days together shopping, baking and basically just pampering ourselves in general!
We had such a good time together, I got a lot of christmas shopping done which was great as christmas is closing in at a rather alarming rate!

We really love christmas shopping so we spend Thursday in Henley, it was so beautiful with all the christmas decorations! The shops in Henley so good too, there's always shops which do pretty little bits and pieces (which I absolutely LOVE). So as you can imagine, we spent a fair amount of money on prezzies for loved ones but how could we not! There was so much to choose from!

We also did a little bit of baking as it's something we both love to do and you really can't beat yummy christmas recipes! We made some peanut butter cookies as our friend gave us the recipe and ingredients for our christmas present. They were so delicious and also healthier than normal cookies, which is always a nice feeling as you don't feel so guilty after eating them. The recipe used oats instead of flour and peanut butter instead of normal butter. The flavour was so nutty and crunchy that we probably ate more than we should have!

Also we made almond cupcakes, not very healthy I know but you have to allow yourself some treats around christmas time! The smell of almonds before cooking made me want to gobble up the ingredients before they'd even been in the oven but, don't worry we managed to hold out until after we'd decorated them! 

Healthy breakfasts we made!

As well as this we watched many, many films, drunk lots of tea and talked about anything and everything! It was so nice to take a break from school work and revision as it's all been a bit hectic and stressful lately! It's always a good idea to have a break, don't work too hard over the break! 

Have a good christmas everyone!