Sunday, 14 December 2014

Healthy breakfast&brunch ideas

Hi everyone!
I haven't had much time recently but I wanted to do a quick post for the weekend.
These are just a few of my healthy breakfast/brunch ideas; they're SO tasty which is why I love them so much!

Poached Egg and avacado on rye bread
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This is literally so simple and takes minutes to make.
Simply poach an egg, you can use Himalayan Crystal Salt if you like it salty. Himalayan Crystal Salt is so much better for you than normal rock salt (it's easy to spot on the shelf because it's pink!) so I always use it in my cooking.
While the egg's poaching away, toast your rye bread and then spread with half an avacado. 
Place your poached egg on top (I love it when the yolk's runny) and either finish with some pepper, pepper flakes or chilli flakes.

Yoghurt and fresh berries
This one may be the simplest of all of them! 
Simply place a little yoghurt (natural or flavoured) in a bowl and add some berries (as pretty or as messy as you like). You can even add some flax or chia seeds to the yoghurt to make it super healthy and packed full of nutrition, I love doing this as you can't taste the seeds and they're SO healthy. I also made a smoothie for this breakfast I put together for my parents: simply blend a banana, frozen berries and unsweetened almond milk together for the quickest, tastiest smoothie.
You can serve this in a glass or in the bowl with the yoghurt and berries! 

Berry Porridge 
For my most recent blog post I told you in detail how to make this scrummy porridge.
You can find that recipe here.

Breakfast jar
This is simply natural yoghurt, special k cereal, banana,strawberries, goji berries and flax seeds.
It' so quick and it's completely personal! 
You can make the layers consist of whatever you'd like!

Filling smoothie
You wouldn't believe how filling a thick, tasty smoothie is!
It's such a good idea for breakfast, brunch or lunch!
Simply blend any fruits and vegetables together to make a lush, creamy smoothie!
My favourite is a healthy green smoothie:
1 frozen banana
White grapes
1/2 an avacado
1 kiwi
1 handful of spinach
Flax seeds

I hope you like these quick and easy breakfast ideas. They're incredibly good for you and keep you full for ages! Let me know what you think!